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Africa Union Holdings "global" movement toward economic, financial, trade, and communications has been the centre of the holding companies core vision. 


Globalized trade, outsourcing, and supply-chain is speeding up and and Africa Union Holding is a leader of "flattening the world" and making the impossible, POSSIBLE! 

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Samantha Jones, Project Manager

Africa Union Commodity House

Spot commodity trading - Joint venture with Belarusian Universal Commercial Exchnge. Main office is in Johannesburg and a branch office in Minsk, Belarus.

Africa Union Financial Services

Focuses on Investments and Financial services and with a strong footprint in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The company operates a destination inspections service covering all imports into the country and also operates a pre-shipment inspections service for all exports from the DRC on behalf of the department of Customs and excise in the country.

Africa Union Commercial Investment

Manages real estate and commercial property investments for the group.

Africa Union Cargo

Operates out of Walvis Bay in Namibia on a fifty year long lease and focuses on handling import and export cargo mainly for the landlocked countries around the southern corridor. {Southern DRC, North-Southern Botswana,Western and Central Zambia, Western Zimbabwe and part of the North Angola}

Africa Union Distributors

Specialists in logistics and distribution of goods.

Africa Union Mining Corporation 

In addition to Chrome Ore and Coal exports mainly to China and India, the company has a joint partnership with Ferro Chrome Furnaces in Rustenburg with monthly allocation of 4,000 tones of low carbon Ferro chrome for distribution to mainly the Australasia region. A recent joint venture is with Guanxi Kaizeng Group of Southern China for copper production in the Katanga region of the DRC.

Africa Union Technologies

AUT is the largest distributor of collaboration solutions in Africa, currently with eight physical offices in key African countries. The business model was built around support to ensure its partners and customers needs are met.

Africa Union Public Works

Specialises in projects such as the building of roads and other public infrastructure. This is a joint venture initiative with South Korean based companies specialising in providing alternative solutions in building robust, minimal road maintenance using Methyl Methacrylate Polymers Acid [MMA]. The company also collaborates with another South Korean Company that specialises in providing clean water to the citizens in rural areas South Korea and parts of the United States of America.

Africa Union Health

Previously called Combination Therapy Medical Supplies Limited, the company was incorporated in South Africa during 1998 and branded in 2003 to Africa Union Health. Initially, the company was a first in designing a long distance electronic management solution that brought together medical specialists, general practitioners and nurses in dispensing health care in a manner that enabled brain drain of African doctors to have a diminished impact since medical expertise was being accessed electronically from any part of the globe. This led to the first treatment and management of HIV/AIDs in South Africa using electronic integration, under the supervision of the late Dr Ruben Sher.

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